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Do you like to prospecting for gold, metal detecting for coins, hunting ghost towns, or other treasure hunting hobbies?


Your hobby is under assault!


Don't just sit back and let some paper-pushing bureaucrat with an environmentalist agenda close down yet another area...your area...to your hobby.



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Lost Treasure Stories

  • The John D. Lee Lost Mine is thought to be located in the Grand Canyon, near Lee's Ferry and the mouth of the Little Colorado River, and in sight of Vulcan's Throne.


More Information is available in

Guide to Treasure in Arizona

Buried Treasures You Can Find

Dig Here!

Some Dreams Die



Ghost Town

  • Garnet

30 miles east of Missoula


More information can be found in

Ghost Towns of Montana

Buried Treasures You Can Find

Dust in the Wind

 Lots of good websites and good info.

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The Gold Prospecting, Treasure Hunting, Metal Detecting, Ghost Town Hunting



Located under the bar scales is the "Contour Interval." First, let me explain the term "Contour." It's pretty obvious that the earth is not flat. Mountains cover the surface, and so, the earth has "contour." Each mountain, hill, valley, etc has its own unique contour. So a system had to be devised to tell, not only the height of the mountain, but also the shape of the mountain. For this, we use "contour lines." 


Contour Lines.JPG (62696 bytes)

Click to Enlarge Picture


Contour lines are those seemingly endless squiggly brown lines on the map picture. Each of these lines is drawn on an exact elevation on that "terrain feature." The distance between the lines is a representation of the vertical distance between the lines. The vertical distance between the lines is the "contour interval." In our example, the contour interval is 40 feet, which means that between each of those brown lines on the map to the one next to it is an elevation change of 40 feet. But, is it 40 feet up or down? We will get more into this later.



October 2014

63rd semi-annual Mineralfest

Macungie Memorial Park, Macungie, PA
8-12LDMA Camp DigLDMA Camp, Italian Bar, CAGPAA

34th Annual Portland Regional Rock and Mineral Show

Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro, OR
29 Oct - 2 NovLDMA Camp DigLDMA Camp, Duisenburg, CAGPAA
29 Oct - 2 NovLDMA Camp DigLDMA Camp, Vein Mountain, NCGPAA

Your Club's Activities Could Be here. Email Us.

November 2014

45th Annual Gem Show

CFS, The School at Church Farm, Exton, PA
7-9West Coast Gem & Mineral Show Holiday Inn-Orange County Airport, Santa Ana, CAMartin Zinn Expositions, LLC
December 2014
27-31LDMA Camp DigLDMA Camp, Stanton, AZGPAA

Your Club's Activities Could Be here. Email Us.


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