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Garnet, MT Ghost Town


Spring is here.

Time for the final planning and preparations for your next great Treasure Hunting, Gold Prospecting, and Ghost Town Hunting Trip!


The traditional beginning of summer is Memorial Day, and...

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Do you like to prospecting for gold, metal detecting for coins, hunting ghost towns, or other treasure hunting hobbies?


Your hobby is under assault!


Don't just sit back and let some paper-pushing bureaucrat with an environmentalist agenda close down yet another area...your area...to your hobby.



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Summer is the time to get the family out for great

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Old maps can be a great help in researching Treasure stories.


And no matter what your passion is...

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Ghost Towns & Near Ghost Towns

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Can You Really Find

Lost Treasure, Prospect for Gold, Explore Ghost Towns, and use a Metal Detector to find Relics, Coins, and Other Treasures?


Lost Treasure Stories

6-barrels of gold are supposedly buried somewhere on the top of Snowshoe Mountain near Wingate, Centre County, PA.


More information can be found in

Buried Treasures You Can Find

Guide to Treasure in Pennsylvania


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Ghost Town

Ash Valley, Pawnee County, KS

    9 miles northwest of Larned


    More information can be found in

    Ghost Towns of Kansas


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 Lots of good websites and good info.

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A Draw is a minor terrain feature that also starts at high ground, but is carved into the side of the hill by water and erosion. The draw can be defined as having high ground on three sides and low ground on one side. The draw runs downhill in between two fingers. The contour lines form "V's" that point uphill. Once again, notice that the V's of the draw are the same V's we talked about when discussing determining uphill and downhill using contour lines.


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