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"I am looking for someone who is dedicated and obsessed with finding "The Lake of the Golden Bar" treasure.  Or any other treasure mine/cache/hoarde legend in Alaska.  If someone is dedicated to the point of it consuming their life and they are ready to search, can you please let me know.  Anyone in this situation, I'd like to talk to ASAP."


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Garnet, Montana - Ghost Town


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Scott River, CA - Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting 




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Lost Treasure Stories

  • The John D. Lee Lost Mine is thought to be located in the Grand Canyon, near Lee's Ferry and the mouth of the Little Colorado River, and in sight of Vulcan's Throne.


More Information is available in

Guide to Treasure in Arizona

Buried Treasures You Can Find

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Some Dreams Die



Ghost Town

  • Garnet

30 miles east of Missoula


More information can be found in

Ghost Towns of Montana

Buried Treasures You Can Find

Dust in the Wind

 Lots of good websites and good info.

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A Draw is a minor terrain feature that also starts at high ground, but is carved into the side of the hill by water and erosion. The draw can be defined as having high ground on three sides and low ground on one side. The draw runs downhill in between two fingers. The contour lines form "V's" that point uphill. Once again, notice that the V's of the draw are the same V's we talked about when discussing determining uphill and downhill using contour lines.




May 2016

1 4th Annual Spring Fling Wabamun Provincial Park, Edmonton, Alberta, BC Edmonton Metal Detecting Club
6-8 28th Annual Treasure Hunt Benton County Park, Richland, WA Southeast Washington Association of Treasure Hunters
7 Spring Treasure Hunt Air Park Soccer Field Area
Lincoln, NE
Midwest Historical Preservation Society
11 APTS Club Outing Randsburg, CA American Prospector Treasure Seeker
14 29th Annual Open Hunt On the beach, Virginia Beach, VA Tidewater Coin And Relic Club
14 Central Pennsylvania Metal Detecing Club Memorial Open Hunt West Pennsboro Township Fire Company, Plainfield, PA Federation of Metal Detector & Archeological Clubs
14-15 17th Annual Hunt Grand Rapids, ND Minnkota Artifact Recovery Group
14-15 Central Valley Prospectors Gold Prospecting Show Industry Commerce Building, Fresno County Fairgrounds, Fresno, CA Central Valley Prospectors
14-15 4th Annual Silver Seekers Open Treasure Hunt Fox Den Acres Campground, New Stanton PA Silver Seekers
14-15 17th Annual Treasure Hunt Memorial Park, Grand Rapids, ND Minn Kota Artifact Recovery Group
15 Open National Treasure Hunt Hoyt Community Buidling, City Park of Hoyt, Hoyt, KS Topeka Treasure Hunters
21-22 7th Annual Beach Hunt Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ East Coast Research & Discovery Assoc.
22-28 Gold Outing Scott River, CA GPAA
22-29 Mayfest 2016 Stanwood Fair Grounds, Stanwood, WA Pilchuck Treasure Hunting Club
25 APTS Club Outing Randsburg, CA American Prospector Treasure Seeker
26-29 2016 WWATS Rendevouz Four Corners Christian Camp
Mancos, CO
WorldWide Assocation of Treasure Seekers
28-29 45th Annual Indian Territory Treasure Hunt Creek County Fairgrounds, Sapulpa, OK Indian Territory Treasure Hunters Club
28-29 2016 Southern Ontario Beach Hunt Fifty Point Conservation Area, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada Rainbow's End Metal Detecting Assocaition; Thames Valley Metal Detecting Association; Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club; Simcoe County Metal Detecting Club; Canadian Heritage Seekers Metal Detecting Club
May 29 - Jun 4 Gold Outing Burnt River, CA GPAA
30 29th National Open Hunt Creek County Fairgrounds, Sapulpa, OK Three Forks Treasure Hunters

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June 2016

4 25th Annual Open Hunt Camp Alta Mons, Shawsville, VA Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club
4-5 12th Annual Treasure Hunt Illinwek Forest Preserve, Hampton, IL Cedar Valley Research & Recovery
4-5 Alaska Treasure Seekers 40th Annual Hunt Alaska State Fairgrounds, Palmer, Alaska Alaska Treasure Seekers Society
11-12 Gold Show Expo Idaho, Boise, ID GPAA
18-19 Gold Show Adams County Fair, Brighton, CO GPAA
18-20 44th Annual Northwest Treasure Hunters Club Summer Hunt Farragut State Park, Athol, ID Northwest Treasures Hunters Club
25-26 First National Treasure Hunt Lehigh Memorial Oark, Oglesby, IL Illinois Valley Historical Research & Recovery Association

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