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The Lost Adams Diggings are said to be how far from Fort Wingate?





 Fall is a Great Time to Check Out Ghost Towns.


Click Here to find a Ghost Town near you.

Ghost Town

  • Central City

On State 279, Gilpin County, Colorado

  Topographic Map of Lost Treasure and Ghost Town Locations

More information can be found in

Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies

Roadside History of Colorado

Buried Treasures You Can Find

Colorado Ghost Towns Past and Present

  • $40,000 in gold was hidden somewhere between Central City and Mule Ear Pass, Gilpin County, Colorado by a Chinese Man.

More information can be found in

A Guide to Treasure in Colorado


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"The Finger (or Spur) is a minor terrain feature that "juts out" from high ground. It can be defined as having high ground on one side and low ground on three sides. The contour lines form large "U's" that point downhill. You will notice that the U's of the finger are the same U's we talked about when we discussed determining uphill and downhill directions using contour lines."


fingers.JPG (36992 bytes)

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Private Property Rights:

In Florida, a win.

In San Diego, a loss.

....Enter the San Diego City Council.  On April 27th the city council voted to take Mesdaq’s land away from him and hand it over the GRH [a private developer]. The council decided that a nice 334-room Marriott on that property is more to their liking than a cigar and coffee shop because the hotel will generate more in property taxes. Mesdaq will be paid a “fair” amount for his property. “Fair,” as determined by the city council, not the free marketplace. Mesdaq will essentially be out of business.



"Yosemite National Park in California-----76 year old James Downey, a survivor of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, was threatened with condemnation in 1971 because he wanted to add a bathroom. He had no tub and had a double size septic tank and there was a covered breezeway under which the bathroom was to be built. There would be no new land coverage. The Park Service said what he was doing was an incompatible act and he would be condemned. They came back to him two weeks later after realizing their political insensitivity and said that if he would sell them his home, they would lease it back to him and then it would be OK to build his bathroom. Was the goal to stop the bathroom or buy the house?" Go to the Source



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Your Club's Activities

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