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A Treasure GuideARIZONIANA
Apache Gold and Yaqui SilverArizona Legends and Lore
Bonanza Seeker's HandbookBuried Treasures You Can Find
Buried Treasures on the Atlantic CoastBuried Treasures of California

Buried Treasures of Maine

Buried Treasures of Texas
Buried Treasures of New EnglandBuried Treasures of the Appalachians
Buried Treasures of the American SouthwestBuried Treasures of the Mid-Atlantic States
Buried Treasures of the Great PlainsBuried Treasures of the Pacific Northwest
Buried Treasures of the OzarksBuried Treasures of the South
Classic Tales in California History Buried Treasures of the Rocky Mountain West
Colorado Treasure TalesColorado's Lost Gold Mines and Buried Treasure

Death Traps to Treasure

Coronado's Children
Doubloons & Other Buried TreasuresDiscover Arizona!
Dig Here! Lost Mines & Buried Treasure of the SouthwestFinding New England's Shipwrecks and Treasures
Explore Arizona!Four Days From Wingate...The Lost Adams Diggings
Gold Creeks & Ghost Towns of Northeastern WashingtonGolden Treasures of the San Juan
Gold Creek and Ghost Towns [British Columbia]Great Lakes Treasure Wreck Atlas
Guide to Treasure in ArizonaGuide to Treasure in California
Guide to Treasure in ColoradoGuide to Treasure in Idaho
Gold, Ghost Towns & GrizzliesGuide to Treasure in Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, & South Dakota
Guide to Treasure in Montana-Wyoming - WyomingGuide to Treasure in New Mexico
Guide to Treasure in NevadaGuide to Treasure in Oklahoma, Volume 2
Guide to Treasure in Oklahoma, Volume 1Guide to Treasure in Pennsylvania
Guide to Treasure in Oklahoma, Volume 3Guide to Treasure in Texas
Guide to Treasure in Tennessee

Legends of Pirate Gold

Iowa Legends of Treasure

Legends of Lost Treasure

Lost Gold and Silver Mines of the SouthwestLegends of Texas Volume 1- Lost Mines and Buried Treasure
Lost Ledges of the WestLittle Known Tales of California History
Lost Dutchman Mine DiscoveriesLost Gold Mines & Ghost Towns of Alaska
Lost Mines of the Great SouthwestLost Mines and Buried Treasures Along the Old Frontier
More Doubloons & Other Buried TreasureLost Mines & Buried Treasure- A Guide to Sites & Legends of the Southwest
Nevada's Black Rock DesertLost Treasures You Can Find in Colorado

New Mexico Treasure Tales

Missing Mobster Millions
Oklahoma Treasures and Treasure TalesMontezuma's Missing Treasure

New York Treasures and Metal Detecting Sites

More True Tales of Old-Time Kansas
New Orleans - Treasure CityNew England's Pirates and Lost Treasures

Pirates and Buried Treasure

Padre Island - From Spanish Galleons to Four Wheel Drive
Nevada Lost Mines and Buried TreasuresOregon's Golden Years
Quest for the Dutchman's GoldSunken Treasure: How to Find it
Strange Stories of Alaska and the YukonTexas Tales of Lost Mines and Buried Treasures
The Atlas of Shipwrecks and TreasureThe Lost Black Gold Nuggets of Pegleg
The Lost Cement MineTales, Trails, and Tommyknockers

The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz Part 1

The Book of Pirate Treasures
The Lost Adams Diggings - Myth, Mystery, and MadnessThe Utah Gold Rush
The Pirates of the New England Coast 1630-1730The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz Part 2
The Pirate's Own BookThe Nugget Shooter's Bible

The Search for Treasure Volume 2

The Search for Treasure Volume 3
The Search for Treasure Volume 4The Search for Treasure Volume 5
The Sterling Legend

Treasure Legends of Georgia

They Found Gold!! the Story of Successful Treasure Hunts

Treasure Legends of Virginia

Treasure Recovery from Sand & SeaTREASURE! Bonanzas Worth a Billion Bucks

Treasure of the Sangre de Cristos

Treasure Secrets of the Lost Dutchman

Treasure Legends of the Civil War

Treasure Tales of the Rockies

Treasure Legends of North Carolina

Where to Find Gold in Southern California
True Tales of KansasUnited States Treasure Atlas Volume 2
United States Treasure Atlas Volume 1United States Treasure Atlas Volume 4
United States Treasure Atlas Volume 3United States Treasure Atlas Volume 6
United States Treasure Atlas Volume 5United States Treasure Atlas Volume 8
United States Treasure Atlas Volume 7United States Treasure Atlas Volume 9
United States Treasure Atlas Volume 10Where to Find Gold in the Motherlode
Where to Find Gold in the DesertWhere to Find Gold in Northern California
Where to Find Gold and Gems in Nevada 


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