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Here is a repository for ghost towns, almost ghost towns, stories of lost treasures, lost mines, and buried treasure,  and other treasure information.

Pick your state to find treasures and ghost towns in your area.

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Research does not end with the knowledge that an event occurred that resulted in a "buried treasure," and that the treasure exists. You must also know WHERE it happened, in order to know WHERE to look.


This is where detailed research comes into play.  


When available, a published source (book) is available as a link below the story that you can purchase for additional information. As additional information is found for purchase, these links are also added.


Outstanding resources exist on the internet. Especially valuable are old maps.

Over the years, names of creeks, gulches, mountains, even whole mountain ranges can change. This can be very confusing to the Treasure Hunter.


Old maps can show the original names of these places and aid in the hunt. In addition, old railroad maps show the locations of where the original railroads ran, and many times also have towns listed that no longer exist.


Old military maps show locations or bivouacs, battles, and sometimes routes of march, invaluable when relic hunting.


When doing an internet search, try to be as specific as possible. If you do not get good results, be more general in the search until you begin to get the information you seek. Many times, you can link from one website (that may or may not have any useful info) to another website (that may have some or all of what you want). Persistence is necessary till you find useful info.