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Recreational Prospecting Metal Detecting Treasure Hunting
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Here you can learn about the hobbies of Recreational Prospecting, Metal Detecting, and Treasure Hunting, and subjects relating to them.  Although separate in the techniques, some of the equipment used for one of these hobbies can be used pursuing the others. 

In particular is the metal detector, and accessories for metal detecting. Metal detectors can be used for hunting gold nuggets, coins, jewelry, and relics. But, techniques and  locations differ depending on the type of  "metal detecting" you do. 

Metal detectors can find, not only gold nuggets, but also concentrations of black sand, that is a good indication that gold is present. 

Another good point about metal detectors is that they will find coins of any type metal and from any country. This may sound obvious, but consider that coins come in an great variety of sizes, from smaller than a U.S. dime to larger than a U.S. Silver Dollar. They also are made from metals like gold, copper, silver, nickel, aluminum, and combinations of the above. A higher-end metal detector can discriminate between ferrous (iron based) and non-ferrous metals, greatly increasing the chance of finding valuables instead of trash.

Metal detectors can also find old tools and other objects of yesteryear, commonly called relics. From miniballs to belt buckles to horseshoes, metal detectors can locate items dropped or lost many, many years ago, pinpointing the location of battles in war, town sites, old farmsteads, and old gathering places.

For a more complete discussion of metal detecting, go to the metal detecting page.

Recreational Prospecting, comes in many forms; panning, sluicing, high banking, dredging, and sniping. For a description of each, and some specific tips, techniques and procedures to use in recreational prospecting, go to the recreational prospecting page.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure." Not only does this ring true with articles thrown away today, but it was valid a hundred years ago. Treasure hunting covers a vast arena of topics from lost mines and lost ledges to bottle hunting to relic hunting. Whatever you consider to be treasure, you can find information on it in the treasure hunting page.

Whatever your passion, we at The Rocker Box want to assist you in pursuing and enjoying your hobby. We are busy increasing the depth and scope of this web site, and adding equipment, accessories and literature you can purchase to increase both your knowledge and activities.


Recreational Prospecting Metal Detecting Treasure Hunting
Weather Predictors Land Navigation Tips, Techniques & Procedures