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The Source


The Source is an index of links to subjects and topics that related, directly or indirectly, to the hobbies of Recreational Prospecting, Metal Detecting,  Treasure Hunting, Ghost Town Hunting, Private Land Ownership, and Human, Civil, and Constitutional Rights. Subjects such as, The 1872 Mining Law, Global Warming, Private Land Ownership, and many others are listed. This provides you with "real" facts, not propaganda and disinformation.


If you have other sources of information on these, or other subjects you feel needs to be included, EMAIL them to us and we will give you and your club credit.

Constitution of the United States Declaration of Independence

Bill Of Rights

1872 Mining Law
Iroquois Constitution Virginia Charters Mayflower Compact Charter of Massachusetts Bay
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Connecticut Colony Charter Albany Plan of Union Patrick Henry "Liberty or Death"
Declaration of Arms Virginia Declaration of Rights Articles of Confederation Federalist Papers
Private Land Ownership Environmental Protection Global Warming 1906 Antiquities Act

Magna Charta

Endangered Species Act