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Yes I have.a secret I need to share. I have come across some ancient artifacts stone effigy and gemstones not o mention meteorites, gold and silver ores. I don't have enough money to even buy a stamp but I would be willing to make a deal with someone more book smart than me.
Can you help. I'm in Redbank Tn.

Carol s Ssxton

Thanks for writing Carol. If you receive a reply, please ensure you have a third party you trust, or an attorney, go over any agreement you make before you committ.  - Mark


Hello. I live in Navarro Co, [TX] about an 8 minute walk from Wolf Creek where there's said to be 14 boxes of gold and silver buried near creek. I was trying to find out the story of the heist.  All I have are bits and pieces of the story.  I was wondering if anyone knows the story.

 Travis Owens

Thanks for the letter Travis. We'll see if anyone out there knows of the story.


Hello dear detectorists,

 My name is Valery, I'm 46 years old, 4 years engaged in the search for ancient objects found in the region in the fields and plowed fields.
 I live in Russia in Sankt-Peterburg and do search in the Leningrad region from March to December.
 We now have a lot more snow in the fields and woods but warmer and i plan to start again go in search of mid-March.

 I have over 4 years was somewhat different metal detectors such as Garrett AT PRO but in March 2014 i bought the company DEUS XP device with iOS 3.2.  A little later, i added a new set of 11 inch coil and headphones WS5.

 Coins that i found with the search engines start with the XV century, Novgorod is a silver penny,  silver penny of Ivan IV (the Terrible), silver penny of Peter I, copper and silver coins Sweden 1620-1700 years (ORE),  Russian Empire since Peter I to Nicholas II, the Soviet Russia from 1921 until the end of the Soviet Union in 1991.  Just across the coin Poland and Finland.

 In 2014, i went in search of coins more than 50 times and found 340 coins.  Among the coins i found 15 pieces of silver.  In addition to the coins have such finds as a pectoral cross, icons, rings and bells.  Last season, I found a silver ring 1, 2 silver and 2 gold cross ring.

 Even among the finds are often found objects horse ornaments, old buttons, weights and military buttons of the first and second world war,
 civilian and military buckles, thimbles.  The rest of the finds is a common household utensils, such as old keys, locks, spoons, forks, axes and horseshoes.  Unfortunately a lot of these findings as casings from bullets and fragments of shells, in our area were fighting in the First and Second World War.

 Your email address i found through a search on "Google".  It is very interesting that the search engines find elsewhere in the world and what tools they use.  I will be very grateful to you if you send me an mail information about finding non-ferrous metals and clubs search engines of your country.  I will be glad to receive magazines and brochures Retriever Club, badges and patches club.  With great pleasure i will wear your shirt or hat with the symbol of your club while searching for coins and antiques.

 If you're wondering what vintage finds caught in our area, i can send you photos.  In our town, too, there is a club called Peter searchers Treasure -  I am an active member of our club for 3 years and during that time he met with more than fifty search engines.  We have 2-3 times a year we organize travel to the country where a big company to meet and interact with search engines, share experiences and discuss the findings.

 If someone you know is or search engines want to visit Russia in our city of Sankt-Peterburg is quite possible to go  the company together and look for coins in the fields and plowing from April to November.  You can take a rental unit for a few days to not carry your device in another country.

 my email address

 My postal address is:

 Basseynaya street 71-93
 Valeriy Sidorov

Thanks Valeriy for the letter. is an excellent opportunity to foster some good relationships with our friends overseas. - Mark


Hi over there,  I am writing from Tasmania and looking for people to chat or e/mail with .   My interests are dredging and I am seeking the odd bit of guidance from young or old.   Our country over here is about the same , plenty of water, and it gets  hot in the summer,   freezing in the winter and we are heading into our spring.   I just like talking about prospecting and I have discovered a few tips of my own, and I am concentrating on placer loads.   I have been on the net for about 2 years and I would say that your sight is amongst the best of what's out there.  Your info is on line and easy to understand, and I come from within the industry and what you are  teaching is spot on.   I am always looking at your site and hoping to find anything new. Keep up the good work, and maybe you could do an article on us down under ( our biggest nugget so far 243 ounces) . I have the old paper clippings.   I look forward to hearing from you.   

Regards Terry Beckett.   E mail -----

Hi! I love your website.  I was relieved to find out the names of the extremist groups.  My husband is an architect and my son a carpenter.  My future son in law is in construction and my daughter and I are active horse enthusiasts and own several horses. We both ride and show.  We live in hunt country where the new Clinton educated landowners are becoming so paranoid they won't let the riders hunt on their property.   The horse organizations we belong to are fighting  to protect our trails and our rights as riders on these trials.  It now appears that horses are destroying the environment by stepping on plants and going potty, even on the roads.!!! It is very sad that these groups are out to destroy America.  It is my opinion that they have hidden agendas .

Of course we should always be good stewards of what we have but these extremists are a threat to our society. I could go on forever about the lame teachings that effect construction.  People come to my husband and want environmentally friendly homes so they want steel and concrete.  These materials all come from nature. Then others want timber basements because they think that will help the environment by not going concrete or block. It doesn't much matter but the ideas these extremists give people are not the truth.

They ignore the fact that there are more trees in America than before WW II and trees can be harvested and regrown. The deer are so plentiful in Mich that we have an astronomical amount of accidents and crop damage.  Heaven forbid, my family also eats deer meat!! We won't discuss the Canadian geese issue.  Even the minister of our church was out to get his!! 

Anyway I love your site and will pass it on to all I know. 

 Trudy B., Michigan

Thanks Trudy. We are all facing this same environmental extremism and MUST fight it at every opportunity.   Mark

Hi from Las Vegas - I have been detecting in Nevada and all connecting states since the early 50's - I will be staying in Boise from February 15, thru first or second week in March. I wouldn't be able to bring my Jeep, but have to drive my wife's car so can't get to far off road (since she might be watching). I would like to talk to someone who would know some interesting areas. I will have my Fisher G B2 and a Whites XLT so I could use different kinds of sites. A couple months ago about 6 or seven of our club members (Goldsearchers of Southern Nevada) drove to Idaho City to search on one of our members claim he has just outside Idaho City. It was small pickings, only 2 guys did any good.. Our club has over 430 members as of last weeks meeting.. We have 4 claims in AZ, just over our boarder, about a 90 mile drive and 1 claim in Pahrump, NV, about 20 miles. I just got on internet and called up Boise metal detecting organization and got this email address so really don't know who I communicating with, but hope you can steer me to someone who could get me some info on Boise surrounding detecting areas. We will be staying with my daughters kids while she and her husband take a vacation. I could be reached when we get there thru my kids business, A PHONE CENTER, in Boise Towne Square or my e-mail. Hope weather holds out. Sincerely, Joe Cathcart

I am looking for more information on the Tres Piedras in Cimarron County, Oklahoma. I am considering a trip out there to GPS the monuments, but don't want to waste my time if it has already been accomplished.   Any info or referrals would be appreciated.   Richard Cross 

Ever heard of Red Bone Cave/Bone Cave, in NW Alabama. Hernando DeSoto's Incan treasure. If you know of the story, or know someone that has the story, please let me know. Thanks, Bob

I live in Prescott Valley, AZ. I am just getting into this new hobby. What would be the correct procedure to start metal detecting these old towns? Are there laws stopping me from doing so? Or just find the person in charge of the area and get permission. Any response would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, John P.S. I don't want to disturb anything. Maybe find an old button or coin.

I'm trying to locate the old Radium Springs Spa and Resort that I understand is near the Grand River near Salina, KS, during the 1920s.  Can you help me? - Larry; Cheyenne, WY

Does anyone know of this Mining and milling company?  My great grandfather bought stock shares back in 1903 and 1904.  Did it change names or what happened to it.  The stock certif. were issued out of Detroit Michigan.  Thank you Janet from Michigan 

I am interested in locating someone who might have an old two

box deep seeker detector they would sell at a reasonable price?

Walter Stuart

Hello, Have you heard of any stolen gold bullion from the UNION army by the CONFEDERATES ( or border gangs such as the DALTONS )? the gold then was taken down to southern ALABAMA , close to MOBILE, where it was lost when the CONFEDERATES, being chased by the UNION army, placed it in a cave and blew the cave mouth up? The gang was mostly killed off, and the few remaining guys were either captured or slipped away? If not, do you know where I can research this story ?   Thanks,   Roger Brown

I am new at this and would like to write to someone that could give me

some information about Adam's Diggings. I would like to look for his

treasure. Walter

I was looking for information on a family story I heard from my grandfather regarding an outlaw gold heist taken place in the bad land cliffs. After some research I found an article written by George F. Stewart describing in a little detail the site of the hide out that the outlaws had made to last out the winter. He said ďthat in the fall of 1967, during deer season, Clark A., a friend of mine, showed me an old outlaw hideout near the mesas of Nine Mile CanyonĒ.

I would like to find this hideout and take some pictures for an article I would like to add to my family History News Letter. Iím coming to Utah for a Reunion and plan on visiting or at lest trying to look for it in and around nine mile canyon. If anyone has details or info on this location it would be very helpful.

This site was so helpful on Duchesne County and some of the old stories.Thanks, Brent

Enjoy your site.   I collect western magazines and wondered if you have any or come across them from time-to-time.  The issues from the 1950's to 70's are specifically what I am looking for.  Thanks for the "Buried Treasures" book you sent which arrived today.  Lots of good reading.   Regards, Bill

I have a stock option #711 dated 1931 would like to know what it is worth. It is from the American exploration Co for the Pierce City Gold Project. For the Rhodes Creek Mine. Thanks Tom

Have just discovered your fascinating website. Its filled with a ton of helpful information. I am researching information about any legends of the past regarding areas in north San Diego county, CA.  Namely the area covering De Anza desert, and Ramona to the west including Oceanside, Escondido, Vista and even Poway and down to Del Mar CA.   Are there any organizations or persons familiar with these areas that could assist me with this project? I am looking for ghost stories, ghost towns, anyone who has either heard or found anything of interest that might be interested in being interviewed for my project.

I need help in locating deeds in 10 states in the west. My ancestor, Mark Hopkins, was a 25% owner of the Central Pacific Railroad Co. C.P.R.R. Co. eventually became the Southern Pacific Transportation Co.
When he died in 1878, much of his estate came up missing!!! The states he owned land in are( Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana plus Mexico)
I have some evidence that most of his real estate outside of California, was taken while he was sick. (Early 1878) Later some of this land was taken over by the Federal Government. This was easy to do, they did not notify the heirs in N.C. If you folks are interested in helping me, then e-mail me back. I will tell you more.( Mark had a twin sister) DNA evidence will destroy them. A good book to read on this is,(Controversial Mark Hopkins)1963 by Estelle Latta. Estelle Latta, my cousin, died in 1983, but her quest for justice continues.
   Mark owned land in at least 110 counties out west. If you have ever wanted to STICK IT TO THE FEDS (Now is your chance). God Bless All Of You. Wayne

I am looking for information on the Dedrick mine and camp, also the town of Canyon on Canyon Creek in Trinity county, California. Can you tell me anything?  John

I have been treasure hunting for about two years, but, don't let that figure fool you I am an Advanced Hunter. I have been working on the location of what I now believe to be the treasure of Bac. I was shown a map by a retired gentleman that had found it back in 1948. He took photos of the Rock Map back then and a good thing he did. Over the years it was broken and pieces taken off for there Pictographs containing the word "ORO" and a Spanish Cross. I have followed the trail to existing Gold Mines that were worked by the Mexicans and are now owned by a large Mining Company. The trail lead to these mines, but, it didn't stop there it went on and on.

I found the largest Spanish Camp Site I have ever heard of on the trail laid out by the Map. It has to be at least a mile long. I found five Spanish Horse Shoes along this Site with my Mine Lab Explorer Metal Detector. It has not been "Worked" at all in this matter and I plan to go back and spent some time there this winter. The trail went on to another mountain that contained the last marker (A heart Map with pointer) to the final site one league away. I have not heard of the lost La Esmeralda mine worked by the Papagos with Father Kino. I know now this is it as it is in the area of the Pima Indians that were later absorbed into the Papagos. If found it would be one of the most fantastic finds since King Tut's Tomb. The Rock Map is very old and I have been able to date it through the markers and the Magnetic Declination of the Compass directions it gives. It dates to about 300-350yrs ago. This would put it right at Kino's Time.

If you have anymore info on the lost La Esmeralda Mine Please send it to me and I will reciprocate with more information on my other hunts. (I have Four Sites Active)  Thanks, Bill

There are many stories and legends - as well as finds - in Vermont. Smuggler's Notch is a great place to find treasure, that was left there by real smugglers, especially during times when there were export taxes placed on trade with Canada. We found a small tin box filled with old jewelry! Most is simply hidden in caves, but it can be dangerous unless you're a skilled spelunker. Bristol Notch also has a ghost-story-treasure-story and members have found gold coins there. Many, many people have found arrowheads, beads and other relics along the Lamoille River and the Winooski River - several archaeology teams are now investigating Native American sites there and are looking for volunteers through UVM. Our team is the White Keys Club. - Linda

I do not know if this is of any interest to you but - on the off chance that there may be someone interested and may be able to advise on how to get more information - I have never tried researching family tree. I will explain the following: I just decided to put in my grandfathers name Mark Guinan (he died in the late 1940's here in Ireland).  Not really expecting to find any thing to match I was surprised to find a Mark Guinan in Lemhi County ( 1880 Census ) who was born in Ireland. My interest is quite simple I am a Mark also as was my grandfather who in turn was called Mark after an great uncle who went to the States and was never in contact with his family in Ireland. Could I possibly have stumbled on a lost relative? If this is of any interest to anybody who might be able to help I would be delighted to make contact.

Yours truly

Mark Kerry  ( Mothers name Guinan )




  I have an old stock certificate for 100 shares of EAST CALIFORNIA GOLD AND SILVER MINING COMPANY. The date issued was 1878 and the Co. was incorporated in 1877. The certificate was presented to what appears to be Mrs. E. C. (or G.) Curtiss trustee. The president and secretary signatures seem to be David & Charles Hanlon.  Please notify me if you have any ideas on its significance or worth. Thank You, Brian Cory


I am very interested in information on treasures in and around Elk and Cameron counties, also McKean county. Being a native of the area I always took an interest in this, but never had the time to pursue it. Now I am some what older and more equipped to take on such a task. I would enjoy hearing from any one with information and documentation on these lost treasures. Maybe we could take out together on a quest of fame and fortune.

you can e-mail me at thank you very much, Dale Secco

I am an independent researcher and I have a great collection of archival documents related to the Spanish mines, presidios and missions in the area of California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma territory. I have found these documents in Spanish archives like Archivo General de Indias in Seville and Archivo General de Simancas. I also have the documents related to the Spanish ships which sank in Florida, Bahama, Cuba and Caribbean waters over the centuries. There are also some XVII and XVIII Century nautical charts which shows the position of the wrecks in the waters I mentioned before. If anyone have any interest in such collection, please let me know.

Kind regards,

I have found some pretty heavy gold dust located in a dry wash between the Galiuro mountains  and the San Pedro river North East of Tucson Arizona. A 1/2 shovel of gravel into a pan gives as much as 4 onz of black sand and about 10% of that content is gold dust.  Do you know of anyone else who mines this area.

I have read of Yuma's lost Mine being in this locale. There are some volcanic blow holes in the area but the gold is alluvial. Hoping to hear from someone who may have prospected this area.

J Bell

While traveling through Ariz. last week I heard a story about a black slave who became friendly with the Indians around Wickenburg, AZ. They showed him a mine with gold . The story goes he would go out and bring back just enough gold to get him through for about a year His name if I heard it right was Bob McKennia of something like that have you ever heard of this guy? Or this story? I saw the movie Mckenna's gold I don't know if this is the same !


Hi, about 3 years ago I went to Prairie Chapel Cemetery in Mayes Co. and found the graves of several ancestors. I can't find any info on this cemetery and I can't remember if this is close to Pryor or some other town. Several of my ancestors are anxious to visit these graves and we would love to make a pilgrimage this spring but I need some directions on getting there. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Treasure Hunting has been in my blood for years. For an enjoyment that surpasses most other outside recreation and even for me in retirement, I still go out equipped with a map and my trusty old metal detector.

For Newbie's to the world of Metal Detecting, Gold prospecting and Treasure Hunting, I like to pass on a little bit of my worldly experience in this forte. For about forty years I have been metal detecting, from the foreshore of the Thames river in ancient London where I was born, to the jungles of Belize (at the time British Honduras. For 22 years I worked on passenger ships and traveled around the world, taking many types of metal detectors. I have found gold nuggets in the California, Mohave Desert, Medieval and Roman Coins in England and pieces of Eight in Mexico. My biggest prize ever was  a Charles 1st gold touch piece that I found on a public common in London, near the Tower of London. None of these finds would have been possible without research. Yes. It's a lot of work! It takes time, but in the end it's worth the patience to check out the old documents. Nothing is worse than meandering about for hours, and not locating anything, but a rusty nail. My research has gleaned for me hundreds of pre-decimal coins in England, hundreds of old American quarters, barber dimes and pennies. Research is the answer to all your searching. Treasure Hunting today is still my main hobby, but I never chart any course of action without a positive found in the contents of a old map. Historical maps are precious and hard to locate. When I brought my first computer some months ago, and hooked up to the Internet  I discovered a brand new Utopia of Treasure Hunting information. Web sites abound giving helpful hints, tricks and clues. For me one of the greatest treasure troves I found, was on Ebay auctions and stores. People sell old maps on this great website. Hundreds of them go up for auction every day, at realistic prices. Getting on board is easy and simple to navigate around this unique website. But for my research, their is a small map company called, MAPS OF THE PAST (MOTP.)" Easy to get too. Find the Ebay website. Find the Ebay store listing for Maps of the Past. Hundreds and hundreds of scarse, unusual maps, that offer many, many clues to lost or forgotten treasure sites. The maps they sell are spectacular and at great prices too. These are really old maps dating back to the early 19th Century. They cover every aspect of historical mapping, from early state maps, county maps...down to township maps. These old maps show very clear details of ancient sites, vanished towns, stage coach halts, old settlements. They even identify the pioneer who owned that piece of earth. Thousands of clues can be extracted from these exceptional reproductions. Research is my real treasure. Locate something on this rare old county map, then find more clues to your pot of gold at the library, historic society or other place of interest. Read about genealogy because both have information that may lead you to a forgotten fortune.

Happy Treasure Hunting,

Dave C

I'm looking for a book titled "NEVADA GHOST TOWNS, a guide to more than 370 ghost towns" by Raymond C. Browne... Blue and Black cover 8 1/2 x 11 paperback. sold new for $4.50. printed by "HOUSE OF YORK"

Anyone have a copy they would be willing to part with? email me at:

Hi over there..I have just recently moved to Panama in the highlands area. I here told that there is quite a bit of Gold in the streams and rivers here. I live in a town named Volcan. I am a novice at panning however I would like to get out and find some of this yummy yellow stuff. Any suggestion or advice is greatly appreciated., Especially if anyone has had any experience in Panama and gold prospecting..

Thank you in advance..


Randy Muscarella

I would like to inquire further information about your web site.  I find it very interesting, being a free lance treasure hunter, although I have never found anything.  The best treasure of all is the adventure found in the hunt.

My first question is where does most of the information come from?  Are all of these best on legends, or some actual accounts?  My other question is how do you keep your information up to date?  I found a lot of usual info on your site that is a lot to keep up with.

Thank you for your time and any information I might receive.

Very Respectfully,

Matthew R. Clapp

Hi Matthew,

 Thanks for your interest. Iíve spent a lot of time on the website and hope you enjoy it (Yep, itís just me).

 The stories mostly come from publications (mostly books), some of which were written at a time when the authors talked to actual participants of the events in the stories. I find the best way to promote the hobbies of treasure hunting, ghost town hunting, and recreational prospecting, is to show people that there are lost treasures everywhere, including near (sometimes very near) their own home. Families are always looking for ways to do family things, and I can think of very few family things better than getting the family away from civilization and looking for a lost treasure. The research, the preparation, the field work are all ways for the family to work together toward a common goal. On the website, I list some of the books that have (sometimes a lot, sometimes a little) of the information on the particular stories or ghost towns, etc. Interested people can immediately dive into the story their interested in.

 I keep the information up-to-date in a few ways. First, Iím an insatiable reader, and Iím fascinated by history, especially US history, in all its forms. Second, readers of the website contribute facts, tips, techniques, etc., that may otherwise go un-noticed. Third, having spent a lifetime working in the outdoors in various parts of the world, I have acquired considerable ďoutdoor skillsĒ which I relate some of on the website. I also search the net for news stories that could affect the hobby, to let people know that there are those who would eliminate not only the hobby, but also any excursions of man outside congested areas. The push to eliminate recreational prospecting and treasure hunting is the main reason I started the site. It does take lots of time and patience to keep the website up, but itís worth it. I donít get near the amount of time Iíd like, though.

 Anyway, thanks for asking your questions. I hope Iíve given you the answers you were seeking.

 Let me know if I can help any other way.

 Thanks,  Mark Prewitt

My husband and myself are very interested in the history of Washington state. We recently came across some information about the stagecoach house in Goldendale, and we are wondering if the information that was given to us was accurate. Please forgive the spelling. We were told that the stagecoach house was located at or near the fairgrounds properties, is this fact or fiction. The time frame we are looking into is in the 1900's. If you could be of some help we would love it. We are just two people that love history of our state in which the both of us was born. We have traveled much of the state, we have fished in many of the thousands of water ways this state has to offer. We have also hunted in the many place of this fast state also. We are on a fact finding mission about some of the many treasures this state can offer. We are wanting to discover it together. My husband is very experienced in the outdoors and the lost gold mines of this state has sparked a lot of interest on both of our behalf's.   

Thank You, Carol & James Stewart

I would like documented information regarding the location, quality, depth, etc. of the old salt mines in Harper County that allegedly were purchased, then closed to eliminate competition, by Carey Salt Company, Hutchinson, KS.

Also, our nonprofit organization, The Balmer Fund (Preserving the history, art & culture of the prairies for future generations) would like someone with a good metal detector to help us go over two vacant lots we recently acquired. The basement of one building is also a "curiosity" we'd like explored....a possible Tunnel for bootlegging. Naturally, we need to keep any artifacts for our own archival use.

Rosalea Hostetler

From 1967 to 1975, my parents and myself collected gems and minerals. We traveled all over Virginia and North Carolina. One place we went to was Spruce Pine, NC. A Gem and Mineral Show was held at the local high school every first weekend in August. We went there for several years. We met the nicest people during this time. Quite a few of them were World War II veterans. My father was one as well. He was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the Purple Heart. My father was in the 29th Infantry Division. I hope that some of those former members can contact me. I would like to hear from them and anyone who collects gems and minerals for a hobby as well. My dad was a member of the Rolling Rock Club here in Danville. Looking back, I told my parents this was the best time we ever had.

Gary Wright

Ok, we decided as a family that our gift for this xmas would be a metal detector. We figured this would be a great hobby to do together, plus my teenager gets to wear headphones when walking outdoors with mom and dad; he's ecstatic! Anyway, after many hours of research I decided to purchase a metal detector online at Kellyco. It is an MP3 Pro Digital and it has quite a few nice features although moderately priced.


The problem I have and the question for you or your readers is, who manufactures the darn thing? I cannot find a mfgr on any web search so I don't know if it's a White's, Garret, Bounty Hunter or Tesoro. I just want to know if it is the same quality make as any of those. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to finding great treasures or at least creating treasured memories together. (Certainly can't do worse than Geraldo in Capone's vault :)


This quick note of thanks for your Website. The December First Society has contributed $40-thousand to opposition to environmental extremism.
We have succeeded in educating citizens and lawmakers on the concept of chemical persistence (suppressed by the EPA). With dozens of other activities we have been supported by your remarkable Website and its naming of extremist groups.

Thanks again!

John H. (Jack) Wiegman, President
December First Society
(406) 363-5062

For a long time now I've tried to return to the cave to remove its treasure, but I am not able to return.  If you know anyone who wishes to know the location to the cave, please have them e-mail me for instructions.


I will give you all a clue.  It is not on the east side of Paradise peak but is in the same mountain range.  Also the only time you can possibly find it, is when you can hear it.  This can only happen at a certain time of the year.


You will also need Ariel maps.


If you want to know more???


A friend.

I am looking for someone who has the ability and equipment to locate a grave in Nissa, Oregon. My father had a brother die at childbirth in the 30's, and we have the plot located in the cemetery where he was buried in a wooden box.


I understand there is imaging equipment available that may show the remains. Please let me know if you or someone from that area would be willing to assist us. We have had a grave marker made, and would like to have it correctly placed.





I would like information/rules/laws on carrying a metal detector on the airlines to Puerto Vallarta, Old Mexico.  I will be traveling there in about 3 weeks and would like to detect the beaches while vacationing but am worried about security and customs while leaving Old Mexico.  If anyone has suggestions or experience in that area please contact me.

Thank you,


Does anyone know of any plants that indicate the presence of gold or silver? I know that Mexican fire weed does and I know that funky looking cabbage plant indicates cinnabar. does anyone have information they will share? I live in Oregon and would like to start prospecting. thank you...........Joyce

Hello, I am a 53 year old Ohioan who has been involved in metal detecting for 31 years off and on .For anyone out there who metal detects, kudos to you. It's a heck of a challenging and rewarding hobby/ profession. There are many facets of metal detecting and here are a few that pique my interest. Indian lead/silver mines, cache hunting, long forgotten cabin sites, war of 1812 sites, alluvial diamond hunting (without a metal detector of course) and meteorite hunting (oh yes, you don't have to travel to Antarctica or desert regions to find meteorites). If it's one thing that interests me most about metal detecting it's research. I love to research! You wouldn't believe how many interesting stories can come out of old  newspaper archives from the turn of the century, Everything from treasure stories to bizarre happenings like the lady who got bit on the kneecap by a poisonous snake while weeding her garden and miraculously having a cancerous growth (by the bite area) shrink and go away over a months time, to the young lady who happened to apply some advertised preparation for improvement of the complexion and went insane. Why? To her horror in the course of a few short weeks a heavy black beard began to grow!!! So there you have it, dig into the old archives and see what you can come up with. I do have many stories I could share with you about a lot of interesting things from the turn of the century. And indeed I may. This is a great website and I hope you agree too!

I am  looking for my grandfathers family ties in Benewah County of Idaho. He married a woman from Santa Idaho unknown as to the year but guessing maybe 1919 or there about. There had been a paper for that town of Santa wonder if any place those papers to read an check..? I am looking for the families of Lillie Wilson Cutich of Santa Idaho an of Anna Maire Cutich of Fernwood Idaho. She was born in 1921 In Moscow Idaho. Please any thing about these towns or people would be greatly appreciated. There was also a news paper in Fernwood for about 18 months but can find no record of that paper other than it did exist.


I am an independent researcher and hope to write articles for newspapers.

Looking for information on this "Old Ike's Lost Mine" in the Fremont Co WY area where I have lived all of my life (45) yrs. on the ranch that my grandparents purchased in 1931.

I had never heard tell of this but am most curious. I am attempting to contact the local curator and past curator of the local museum, a local historian and also a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.

I am most curious about this "Old Ike's Lost Mine" alleged to be in my area of WY. I am doing some investigative research and came across a name of a man may be connected with this called Isaac Casto. Was on old timer in this area and may have had a small claim but never disclosed the location before his eventual demise. I am doing further research on this and will keep everyone updated.

Wish me Luck, Coleen (

I found this site and you have some very interesting information here and well done. Enjoy it very much and it gives a lot of insight to many things and areas. Keep up the great work and congrats for your time and effort. Once again, Thanks much.

Ronald and Dianne

People Power Granny is tired of being called an ENVIRONMENTAL EXTREMIST. Are there any others of you out there, or do you think if we just ignore environmental threats, they'll just go away, like stars with the sunrise? No, I think I'll continue to wear my ENVIRONMENTAL EXTREMIST badge with pride, especially on EARTH DAY. How would you folks describe such an animal these days?

 Dissent without action is consent!

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Dear friends,

I notice that there are several broken links from your page on environmental extremist groups. That will be because you have many other things to do.

I merely want to say thanks for what you have done and that I hope you will keep the Website up and running even with the bad links. It has been of great service to me in the battle against extremism.

A friend is dead and I was attacked three times. Despite all of this, it remains very difficult to convince people of the threat of extremism. Your Website helps immensely. We all do what we can.

Thanks for that.

John H. (Jack) Wiegman

Please email the broken link references and I'll get them fixed or delete them.

Thanks, Mark

There is an lod story about a group of confederate soldiers busting through the lines and stealing a shipment of silver, thet hid it in one of the old bear caves in the Laurel Mountains. Has anyone else heard of this story?


This story takes place around the time of the gold rush, in Helena, MT. It was told to me by an old timer and a few other people, when i was doing research for different mines in the area. It is only a little snip it of information. but you might like it. There was a young miner that had staked a claim about 2 or 3 miles up the left side of grizzly gulch. he was on his way back to town to pick up supplies and cash in his gold that he had mined. As he was coming into town he was following the river. he had just passed the hydro mine and looked down at the river, and saw very shinny crystal looking rock. so he bent down pick out a small pouch and began to fill it up . when it was full, with about 6 to 10 stones he went into town which was only about a 1/4 mile down the trail. When he got to the assayers office, he deposited his gold for testing and sale. he decided to see what type of stone he had found. So he took them to a local jeweler next to the assayers office, he had them looked at. the jeweler offered to by them, and was very excited about the find. When the miner asked what he had found. the jeweler replied with, "Diamonds," and from the description of the stone's they were about flawless, and larger than 5 carets each. For many years people have looked for these allusive stones, but have not found the vein. Over the years, though there have been reports of people finding gem quality diamonds in paving gravel, which came from the same area. There was  one story about such a find that it even made the paper there. If I remember right it was in the 80's when a man saw something sparkle in some new asphalt that was just laid. He dug it out with a pocket knife only to find out that it was a very large diamond. I believe it was over 30 carets in size but I may be wrong. It has been many years since I read back over the old story's that I had researched. So there are diamonds among the rocks in Montana. It is just a matter of finding them. 

           Here is another one that come to mind, and this one is about a lost gold vain. back in the 1800's. It was located in a remote area of Montana called ophire gulch. It was so remote that wagon trains would only come through the gulch ounce a year. The snow was impassable until mid may, early June. The town is no longer there though. The local rancher's in the 70's burned the town to the ground, cause they wanted the land back for cattle pastures. The only thing left of the town is a sign saying it was there and the old cemetery. Now the mine was across from the cemetery, they say it is the only way to locate it now, but the information is sketchy at best on how to locate the exact spot. I believe they filled in the front entrance to keep travelers out. It was called the star mine, because the vain they had found was in the shape of a star. they followed the vain as far as they could mining out the vain, this valley was very rich with gold. There are stories about how kids would use baseball size nuggets for stick ball because it was really hard to get actual balls up there with the weather. Any way the vein just stopped one day and a geologist told them that a quake had shifted the vain. They didn't know which direction it shifted or how far, so they closed up the mine right where they stopped, now the vein could have shifted 10 feet in any direction. so it is still there and just waiting for the lucky finder to stumble upon it. These are just a few story's I have come across in the 30 years of treasure hunting.

                I hope you find these as interesting as I did. There are more in a book that was written about my beautiful state. The book was called, "Treasure Tales of the Treasure State". In that small book you will find many stories about lost treasure's and old ghost towns.

Sincerely, J. Palmer

Many thanks for the stories J. Very interesting and intriguing.


Info on gold prospecting in or around Fernwood, Idaho. Would greatly appreciate any and all information.

Thanks much, take care and stay safe out there.                       


About 35 years ago, on a clear summers night and on my way to work, I encountered a ghost starting to materialized as I was driving down Squankum Road in Howell NJ about 10.00 p.m..  It started out as a small rotating mist or form of energy from what I saw in a distance, but as I got closer, the swirling mist became larger and fully visible.  Suddenly, right before my eyes, standing on a 45 degree incline, was a distinct black women wearing a type of scarf or turban wrapped around her head, sort of like an Aunt Jermima look.  

As I drove past she looked into and through my windshield on the passenger side of my car, just as I hit the gas to get the hell out of there as fast as I could.  I am 55 years old now and still remember her face.  She looked like a farm girl maybe in her late forties, and I know going back many years that the land out that way was farm land.  The families that live in that area know about her but kept it to themselves.  How I know this is because I met someone who owns property about a mile down the road from where this all took place, and when I told them of what had encountered, they told me about how they heard of her from their aunt who originally owned the property that they bought from her years ago. 

If you are interested in knowing the exact location, let me know and I will give you details. Also to know that I since then grew an interest in ghost hunting, and have done some investigations in the past,  However, I don't like going alone and won't go out there unless there is someone who has more experience in this field along with me.  To this day, I feel a need to go back, but can't really say why.  I guess that maybe a part of me wants to learn more about who she was and what had happened to her.  I know that also there is a house close to where I have seen her that she haunts as well, but I don't know if the family there is related to her or not.  Anyway,  thanks for your time and hope that my story interest you.  Have a great day.