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Land Navigation

Use of a map and compass is one of the basic skills necessary for Recreational Prospecting, Treasure Hunting, and Ghost Town Hunting. Knowing where you are and where you want to go is not only a requirement in the field, but also necessary for research, planning, and preparation before you get into the field.

If you look at some of the lost treasure stories in the Research area, you will notice that many of the lost mines, lost ledges, and other lost treasures are lost because once it was found, the finder could never find his way back to it.

 Don't make that same mistake. 

Learn to use a map, compass, and the other land navigational aids available to the modern treasure hunter.

We are beginning our discussion with How to Determine Direction, and will be adding more discussions on use of the compass, topographical maps, GPS, and how not to get lost and what to do if you are.

Keep checking back.

Determining Direction The Compass How to Use a Map