Clinton County, Pennsylvania

 Lost Treasure


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  • Chadbert Joincaire supposedly buried several caches of money paid to him by the French during the French Indian War. One has been found.

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  • A copy of the Declaration of Independence is known to have been buried on or near Fort Horn, but has never been recovered.

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"Your indication that a "copy of the Declaration of Independence" is buried in the Clinton County area is misleading.  Only coincidently, on July 4, 1776, a group of residents of what is now Clinton County--a group called the fair men--wrote their own statement protesting taxation without representation as well as the salubrious administration of a nation by an absent regent.

It is said that a pair of riders were dispatched to Philadelphia to deliver the document.  En route, they encountered hostile Indians, but eventually reached Philadelphia only to discover that another document of protestation had been signed and that Revolution was in full swing.

A Lock Haven University professor wrote extensively in the 1980s in an effort to discount the existence of the "Tiadaughton Elm" document, but oral tradition is rather too strong and too exact for something at least near this truth to have occurred.  Tradition holds that the original document, as well as other papers of the region, were buried on the parade grounds of the fort. However, the fort and all surrounding communities were burned to the ground later in the 1700s.

Leslie M. Miller

Thanks, Leslie, for the additional info. Sounds like the "statement in question" would be well worth looking for also! -Mark

  • A lost Indian silver mine is located somewhere on or near the West Branch Susquehanna River above Keating.

  Topographic Map of Lost Treasure and Ghost Town Locations

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