Hamilton County, Tennessee

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Here are some towns and districts that used to be a big part of Chattanooga or was Chattanooga. I Do not have time to let you know the information about each place but this is a start for you.

Towns that used to be in Chattanooga (Hamilton County Tennessee)
Citico Town (until 1915)
Tyner (sometimes spelled Tiner)
Park City
Brainerd Mission
White Oak (renamed twice and last Red Bank)
Highland Park
Oak Grove
Rossís landing
St. Elmo (in Hamilton County and is a historical community)
Stringerís Ridge (Now a hiking Trails Areas. Used to contain a military headquarters during the civil war, a tb hospital (well known folks stayed there), and a mental hospital). All remains are gone. But you can find some foundations of buildings.
Williams Island , First inhabitants were Indians, the military took it over during the civil war, then a family took it over and has owned this land for over 100 years. Farmed. Remnants and cabin still remains
McClellan Island (Indians first habitation, Spaniards took over, then was a farm with a ferry, then was a p Club for wealthy citizens, now has only trails and camping.

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