Paulding County, Ohio

 Lost Treasure


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  • Hi, my name is Chris and my dad told me an interesting story the other day. My Dad, Don, is an avid metal detector hunter. Heís been all over hunting for anything. He told me that at the Paulding County Fairgrounds someone was out metal detecting and they found handfuls of gold coins. Well, the word got around and people started to hoard the place using shovels, picks and not a lot of metal detectors. The people started to tear up the grounds pretty good so the County put a stop to all digging and metal detecting on the Paulding County Fairgrounds, thus eliminating the possibility of ever knowing if any more gold coins are there. However, it was supposedly a very short time from the start to the end of the prospecting at the Paulding County Fairgrounds. Paulding Ohio. I have never checked into the validity of the story, only because I pretty much trust my fatherís words.

Submitted By: Chris Kaiser


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