Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

 Lost Treasures


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  • The Hermit Of Grand Terre Island , a retired member of Jean Lafitte's crew, stored up every share of his booty he ever earned back in those swashbuckling pirate days, and hid all of it somewhere in the interior of the island. When he retired, the pirate disappeared into the island's thicket and was seen thereafter only on rare occasions when he would emerge to purchase gunpowder, shot and whiskey. Some years after the man was last seen, a party of four men, searching Grand Terre for an escaped slave, came upon a deserted palmetto shack with gold dubloons scattered all around. There were human bones inside the shack, and it was assumed that they where all that remained of the hermit. With the discovery of the dubloons, the escaped slave was forgotten, and soon men came from all along the bay to search for more of the hermit's gold. They found some, but his big treasure was never reported found, and some say it's still hidden on the island. May also be in Jefferson Parish.

  Topographic Map of Lost Treasure and Ghost Town Locations

Special thanks to Ron Arnold and the Red Stick Raiders  Metal Detecting Club in Louisiana for their contribution of this Treasure Story.

  • The Treasure of the French Fort de la Boulaye, consisting of about $160,000, is located at or near the old fort site near Phoenix.

  Topographic Map of Lost Treasure and Ghost Town Locations

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